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what is a bun of brilliance

Hey, friend!

If you stumbled upon this blog and in search of hairstyle tips, boy, do I have some bad news for you. And also some words of wisdom. Repeat after me, “The dirtier the hair, the better the ideas.”

I know, I know. Some of the best ideas happen in the shower. But think about it, you’re showering because your hair is dirty. As you scrub away your greasy roots, you’re allowing the great ideas to seep in. They’ve been there all along, waiting in your own bun of brilliance for their opportunity to shine.

So what exactly is a bun of brilliance? The origins lay in a stressful marketing agency job. When I rolled up in a messy bun, my coworkers knew that I meant business. They dubbed it the “bun of brilliance” and soon my other hairstyles had nicknames as well. There were the “curls of creativity” and “waves of wisdom”, but I always went back to the bun. Because I’m #lazy.

You don’t have to skip showering to have your own bun of brilliance. It’s a mindset that will let your inner creative nerd shine and help you live your best life. Let me break it down for you.


A hairstyle for lazy days.

This messy bun isn’t a fashion statement or an act of protest, it’s a beacon of hope to the other lazy gals out there. You too can hustle hard on your passion project and look great in the process. I’m not as dedicated as some women who use dry shampoo more than they brush their own teeth, but that’s only because my bad hair day starts the moment I step out of the shower.

If you have long hair and you find the time to style it every day, you are a true rock star. Seriously, where do you find the time? I like to follow the two-thirds rule. As long as two out of the three (hair, makeup, outfit) look okay, you can let the other slide.

An adorable animal.

This may be a stretch, but I don’t care. I love bunnies. Or as I like to call them “bun buns.” Bun buns are cute, cozy, and run as fast as they can away from people. So basically my spirit animal.

Being comfortable in your surroundings.

Comfort over everything. Think messy buns on a lazy Sunday afternoon, a bunny nibbling grass, or you’re rocking a topknot in your go-to outfit (ready to give the presentation of a lifetime!) When you’re comfortable in your own skin and surroundings, you’re capable of almost anything. Seriously, a peaceful rabbit transforms itself into a loaf of bread.


Shout out to the dictionary for helping me write this post but being completely useless when it comes to spelling. If you want to know how to spell something, call your mom. If she doesn’t know, use a synonym.

“Intense brightness of light”

Walking on sunshine isn’t just a fantastic karaoke song, it’s pretty much the most accurate description of happiness that I’ve ever come across. I don’t know about you but when I think of being happy, it’s a light, bright, and carefree sensation.

“Vividness of color”

There’s no limit to creativity and the mediums are as unique as you are. From colorful words to vibrant paints, don’t be afraid to make your mark on the world.

“Exceptional talent or intelligence”

Change is equally terrifying and exhilarating. I encourage you to get out of your comfort zone and try something new. You might find a hidden talent or at the very minimum an interesting story to tell at brunch. Remember that trying something new doesn’t have to be adventurous like riding an elephant or skydiving. I’m a big believer in learning something new every day. Try listening to a new podcast on your commute or make a recipe you never tried before. I promise that you’ll surprise yourself.

“Exceptionally clever”

It pays to be clever. Being savvy with your time and money helps you be successful in all avenues of your life. Stay tuned for tips and tricks to living your best life while still ballin’ on a budget.

“Outstanding, impressive”

If you’ve scrolled through Instagram and thought, “I wish I had her life”, I know for a fact you weren’t looking at my feed. You already know that the internet is a way for people to show off their highlight reels. My goal is to help you create your own. There will always be bad days and lighting, don’t get me wrong. But there will also be times when you’ll score the best brunch in town or save hundreds on an international flight.